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MES INDIAN SCHOOL has established a quality management system to implement, maintain and regularly improve the effectiveness of its systems and operations. All the processes are monitored and analyzed for the performance to achieve the planned results and continual improvement of these processes. In case of new services for which human resource, infrastructure and work environment are required, these are determined, identified, established and updated regularly. The Management plans and implements the monitoring, measurement, analysis and improvement processes to demonstrate conformity within the scope of Quality Management System and to continually improve its effectiveness.

Due to these ceaseless and dedicated efforts, M.E.S. has achieved new milestones in pursuit of quality and excellence in the field of education.

  • MES has received the ISO 9001:2008, the world class Quality Management System status after the successful recertification survey by the Quality Austria. MES is an ISO Certified organization since 2006.
  • MES has doubled the achievement by receiving IWA 2:2007 (International Workshop Agreement) (in 2011), a Quality management system intended specifically for the Educational institutions only. MES has now become the first and only IWA 2 certified School in the State of Qatar.
  • MES has achieved SEC's QNSA (Qatar National Accreditation) Candidacy Certification for its commitment to the vision of achieving the principles of the educational system in Qatar, towards consistent school improvement and quality assurance.

 All these accomplishments reinforce our keen desire to scale new horizons in providing quality education and to discharge our duties with utmost commitment.