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   Academic Inspection

Mrs. Nasreen Samad Khan
Head of Academic Inspection & Management Representative

Academic Inspection & Quality Management System

MES Indian School is unique & outstanding for several reasons. MES is an ISO Certified institution since 2006. It has received ISO 9001:2008, IWA2:2007 certifications & it is the only institution comprising department of Academic Inspection, to monitor quality & performance of teachers. The Academic Inspection Department and the Quality department are lead by Head of Academic Inspection/Management Representative who performs the following tasks:

  • Conducts periodic classroom inspection.
  • Ensures teachers are well prepared with their lessons.
  • Checks teaching methodology.
  • Assesses staff performance.
  • Suggests improvements & trainings required.
  • Schedules & organizes Internal Audit on ISO 9001: 2008.
  • Reports & rectifies Non-Conformances.
  • Conducts Management Review Meetings. 
  • Evaluates Quality Performance by reviews of the quality system.
Facilitates Continual Improvement through the use of Quality Policy, Objectives & Feedback Analysis.