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MES Indian School observed World Environment Day to promote awareness on the importance of preserving our bio-diversity and to tackle environmental challenges, at the K.G. Auditorium of the school recently.

As part of the World Environment Day celebrations, Herald Moras, Head of Green Banking, Doha Bank, Chief Guest of the day, released the first edition of Campus Care Force (CCF) magazine.

On the occasion, the Chief Guest and K.P. Abdul Azeez, General Secretary, MES Governing Board planted trees in the school campus.

‘Bottle Garden’, a project to reuse waste plastic bottles to grow plants was also inaugurated during the function. The Campus Care Force of the school planted around 300 plants to raise awareness about green and clean earth.

V.K. Abdul Rahman, member MES Governing Body, Principal, Sasidharan A.P., Vice Principals & Heads of Sections, school officials, Manichand, official from Doha Bank, teachers and students attended the function.

Sasthaa Mujibullah, Chief Coordinator and Jency George Section Coordinator, MES Campus Care Force, organised the event.